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Meet the Israelis

Real people. Real opinions. Real dialogue.

Meet the Israelis

Real people. Real opinions. Real dialogue.

Small groups of participants meet with each Israeli for a twenty minute conversation, moving in a rotation until they speak with all 6 Israelis.

The conversations have only one rule:


You might find yourself discussing culture, ethnicity, personal life, politics, religious views, thoughts about Zionism, Judaism, life in Israel, or anything else that comes to mind. 

We guarantee that during these encounters you will be challenged, surprised, learn new things, and deepen your understanding of the multilayered diversity of Israeli society. 

Program length: 
In person - 2 hours 

Online - 1.5 hours

Past the video

These People and More

The Ethiopian
The Haredi
The Arab
The Leftist
The Soldier
The Settler


Meet some of our recently arrived Ukrainian refugees



Meet the Israelis caters its programs to anyone who wants an awesome, engaging, educational experience with everyday Israelis. Our activity takes place person or online, and is great for college students, synagogues, JCCs, High Schools, Federations, groups familiar with Israel, groups new to Israel, Jewish groups, non-Jewish groups, and anyone else who may be curious. 

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