The Israelis

The following are representative of the type of Israelis that you'll meet on the program. Specific personalities are subject to conditions of availability.

Avital is a 21 year old combat soldier who grew up in Rishon Lezion, near Tel Aviv. She was on active duty in Gaza during operation Cast Lead. When she finishes her conscription, Avital plans on entering law at Tel Aviv University. She would LOVE to tell you about her experiences in combat, life as a 21 year old, and to answer your questions.



Yaakov is a 25 year old "avreich". He grew up in a yeshiva system, predominantly learning Torah subjects. He's married, has three young kids, and learns Torah full-time in a kollel, a seminary where married men recieve a monthly stipend. He would LOVE to tell you about his lifestyle,  and to answer any questions to might have.

Salma is an Arab Muslim living in Israel. She was born and raised in a small village in the Haifa district. She is part of the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel.

She teaches Arabic as a second language in a Jewish school.

Salma would love to tell you about her family, the identity conflict and tell you what it is like to be a minority in Israel.


Sarah lives in Tel Aviv and works as a store supervisor. Her parents were brought to Israel on a secret midnight airlift from Ethiopia. This involved a dangerous trek over many nights through the desert, with little Sarah on her mother's back. She would LOVE to tell you all about her family's epic transition from a nomadic desert tribe to life in modern Israel.



Koby grew up in Tel Aviv, served in the IDF, and now works for a tech startup. His experiences in the army shook his political views, and he strongly believes that the only just solution to the Israeli occupation is to withdraw from the West Bank in a land for peace deal. He would LOVE to get you thinking more about this dilemma and his solution.


Avi lives in the West Bank settlement of Shilo, and works as an environmental consultant to private businesses. Avi thinks it goes against principles of international law and the Biblical narrative to withdraw from these holy lands. Avi would LOVE to have a discussion with you on this crucial topic. 

Barbara grew up in LA and worked as a PA. She decided to make Aliyah, and in the summer of 2016 came to Israel on a Nefesh bNefesh flight. She's now enrolled in an Ulpan program to work on her basic conversational Hebrew, and trying to adjust to living is a country where she discovered that there's a lot more backwards than just the language. She'd LOVE to tell you about the roller coaster ride of making Aliyah.


MEET THE ISRAELIS is an innovative program that gets you off the tour bus and into the lives of Israelis from across the political and religious spectrum. Over two hours, participants have a chance to have small open conversations with Israelis from many walks of life.
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