How it Works

The concept is very simple. "Meet the Israelis" brings people from different communities and cultural backgrounds from across Israeli society to speak to your group, whether online or in person. 
The number of speakers and their variety is flexible, and can change according to the size of the group and the educational needs of the organizers. 

Our standard package includes: 

  • An Ethiopian whose family immigrated to Israel

  • A Haredi Jew who lives an ultra-Orthodox lifestyle and learns Torah full-time

  • An Israeli Arab 

  • A right-wing settler living in the territories who opposes a land for peace deal with the Palestinians

  • A left-wing Israeli activist who advocates for ceding land to the Palestinians for a two state solution

And one of the following: 

  • A soldier currently serving in the IDF

  • An oleh who recently made aliyah and is still adjusting to the life of being an Israeli

  • A member of the Bedouin community in Southern Israel 

The Activity Itself:
STEP 1: All the participants meet together in one space for a brief introduction to the activity and the Israelis. 
STEP 2: Divide up into small sub-groups, and each sub-group goes to a different corner (or Zoom breakout room) with one of the Israelis. 
STEP 3: Have an incredible, insightful, awesome, life changing conversation with one of the Israelis for 20 minutes. 
STEP 4: Switch to the next Israeli. 

STEP 5: Repeat steps 3+4 until each sub-group has spoken with every Israeli. 
STEP 6: Gather together for closing session to process and share thoughts and insights from the experience. 
This workshop is mobile and adaptable; it works well on Zoom or in person, for a variety of ages and audiences.
We can adapt our educational content and the level of conversation depending on the nature and needs of the group, and are happy to discuss this with you to make sure your group gets the most out of the experience. 

If you're looking for an in-person experience, we can meet you at your hotel or conference space, or we can use one of our rented facilities.
MEET THE ISRAELIS is an innovative program that exposes participants to the cultural, ethnic, and political diversity of Israeli society. We facilitate open dialogue with Israelis from across the political and religious spectrum. During our activity, participants have a chance to have genuine, open, unmoderated conversations with Israelis from many walks of life.
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