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  • An Ethiopian whose family immigrated

  • A combat soldier currently serving in the IDF

  • An oleh who recently made aliyah and is still adjusting to the life of being an Israeli

  • A Haredi Jew who lives an ultra-Orthodox lifestyle and learns Torah full-time

  • A progressive Israeli who advocates for ceding land to the Palestinians for a two state solution

  • A right-wing settler living in the territories who opposes a land for peace deal with the Palestinians

 MEET THE ISRAELIS is an innovative workshop  that gets you off the tour bus and into the lives of Israelis from across the political and religious spectrum.
Over the course of two hours, you’ll have a chance to meet with “the other”-
to hear from them, to challenge them and to connect with them, in small group discussions.

Participants meet, round robin style, in intimate groups of 4-8 with an Israeli. 

After 20 minutes, participants then move to the next Israeli.

We can accommodate groups of 12-120, with 3-15 Israelis.





This workshop is mobile; we can use your hotel or conference space or you can meet us at one of our rented facilities.
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