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Advisory Board

Haneen Ahmad

Palestinian Arab

Haneen is from a small Arab village called A'rara. She teaches Arabic and English as a second language. She is a proud Muslim and a Palestinian living in Israel. She would love to share a narrative that you may have never heard before.

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Matanya Harow


Matanya Harow is currently a student of Economics and International Relations at Hebrew U, and is the elected Treasurer for the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS). From a young age he has been involved in right-wing Israeli politics, and speaks to many groups about the complexities of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. 

Smadar Taspai  

Ethiopian Immigrant

Smadar immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia when she was 5 years old. Today she works in Jerusalem as a social worker with at-risk Ethiopian youth. She has two bachelor's degrees, in political science/communication and in social work.

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Itzik Akerman


Itzik and his wife Avigail have 5 children. He learned for 10 years in a Kollel (Torah study centre for married men), and now teaches students in preparation for Rabbinical certification. He also works in a yeshiva for struggling students, sharing his own experiences as a Haredi youth.

Yuval Ben-Ari

Left-Wing Activist 

Yuval is also known as the Katef - the shoulder, for his part in many struggles in the world of social and environmental activism. After graduating engineering school, Yuval worked as an educator for 9 years, and then for Hillel. He is now the district educator of the Israeli branch of "The Duke of Edinburgh Award", a multicultural youth movement. And is an activist in Haifa "the best city in the middle east"

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Zak Adileh

Israeli Arab

Zak is a passionate person who was born and raised in the city of Jerusalem, an Israeli Arab who believes in peace and diversity, being an Arab in Israel makes him a little different from others, he has his social background of food, customs, traditions and stories that he loves to share with all groups of society with love and mutual respect and learns about others and their societies.

Eliana Rudee

New Immigrant (Olah)

Eliana is an American-Israeli journalist living in Jerusalem. She has seen her byline in the likes Forbes and USA Today, as well as countless Jewish news outlets around the world. Today, in addition to her work as a journalist, she is the founder of the Jerusalem Cooking Club and is a tour guide of the Jerusalem shuk (market), Machane Yehuda. Eliana is especially passionate about sharing positive stories about culture, food and politics through her journalistic work and projects.

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