Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the program for?

This program was designed for any visiting groups to Israel looking for an awesome engaging, educational experience with real Israelis. The program is ideally suited to groups between 20-50 people.

Where does the program take place?

We can come to your venue, hotel or otherwise. Alternatively, we have spaces available in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

What's the goal of the program?

This goal of the program is to give visitors to Israel a chance to understand the many dimensions of Z​ionism, Judaism, and life in Israel.

Who are the Israelis?

We have carefully selected Israelis that are young, personable and articulate that represent different voices of Israel: a left-wing activist, a West Bank settler, an IDF soldier, an Ethiopian immigrant,  an ultra-orthodox (Haredi) yeshiva student and a new immigrant from the West (Oleh Chadash).

Why these Israelis?

This group represents a good cross-section of some of the important social dynamics and political/religious conflicts that Israeli society currently faces. We are happy to add other Israelis to the experience: a Holocaust survivor, a Kibbutznik, a convert to Judaism, an immigrant from the Sefardic/Oriental communities. 

What is the cost?

For a standard program involving six Israelis, the cost is $750 plus VAT.  A $250 deposit is required, which is refundable in the event of cancelation at least one week before the program.

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