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Our Tracks

The types of Israeli communities represented and the level of the conversation are adapted to every group according to its specific educational needs and the participants' level of familiarity with Israel. However, we have 3 different tracks for our 3 main audience groups: 

In Person - Tour Groups 

In the beginning, we worked predominantly with tour groups coming to travel around the country and learn about Israel. We met with a wide variety of groups, working with organizations such as Masa, Onward, Diller and others to get participants off the tour bus and provide a unique and valuable addition to their understanding of this country. 

Online Programming - Communities Worldwide

Since the advent of COVID19, we discovered our program was exceptionally well suited to Zoom and other online platforms. In a day and age when many of us are suffering from Zoom fatigue, and communities are struggling to find quality educational content for their members, Meet the Israelis stands out as an interactive, engaging, thought provoking experience that leaves participants feeling enriched and enthused.

If you can't come to Israel, we'll bring Israel to you.

Dugri דוגרי - Inside Israeli Society 

While it's great for those outside Israel to meet the various sectors of Israeli society, we believe it's important to build bridges between different communities within Israel as well. It is possible for Israelis to live in their own community their whole lives without ever having a meaningful interaction with people from other communities, and all the while the divides grow. The Dugri track is our answer to this problem, it's less "meet Israelis" and more "meet your neighbors". The track focuses on formal and non-formal education settings, and we hope it will become accessible to communities all over Israel. It is available on Zoom and in person.   

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