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Who We Are And Why We're Here

Meet the Israelis is a nonprofit organization (עמותה ע"ר) based in Jerusalem, Israel. Its purpose is to encourage education and understanding of the complexity and variety of people, communities, opinions and political views coexisting within Israel. Additionally, the organization seeks to increase dialogue, tolerance and understanding between different sectors of Israeli society. 

Meet the Israelis introduces participants to the diversity of cultures, ethnicities, religious views and opinions within Israeli society by facilitating open, respectful, personal, conversations with members of different communities in Israel. During these encounters, participants are exposed to a variety of opinions and views, many of which they may not agree with, in a safe, respectful setting. They are given the unique opportunity to ask anything and confront our speakers about any topic. They learn about people and groups who are different from themselves, in the process breaking prejudices, stereotypes and preconceived notions they may have held. 

Since beginning our program in 2017, Meet The Israelis has presented to hundreds of groups, reaching  thousands of participants. 

Vision and Mission



A world in which we respect the humanity and values of "the other", and appreciate the complexities and nuances of Israel's political, religious, and cultural landscape.




Meet the Isreaelis facilitates meaningful, authentic dialogue with Israelis from across the political and religious spectrum, in order to accomplish the following:


  1. Engage various audiences through thoughtful conversations about the compexities and conflicts surrounding land, religion, race, and culture in Israel. 

  2. Heal the fractures in Israeli society by replacing stereotypes and prejudices with a deeper understanding and compassion for "the other".  

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